zee’s secret.


I don’t know whether I’ll be able to get a post in over the next two days as I’m dragged around from one relative’s house to another for Christmas get-togethers and feasts, so I’ll go ahead and wish all of you my warmest holiday wishes to you and yours! I also want to thank each of you for all of the kindness and support I’ve been privileged enough to receive from you throughout the year.

And if you’re searching for a little bit of holiday cheer in-world, remember that Going Bust ends tonight! This means you’ve still got time to get the gamut of items placed out for sale, including these two numbers by Jelly on the left and Peachblossom on the right. They’re sure to put you in a right jolly mood 😉

Zee ❤


Hair and rose: Chemistry Hair – Tamora

Makeup: Pink Acid – Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes

Makeup: Pink Acid – Dolly Dolly Lip Gloss V3 – Nique Red (Frost)

Earrings: Yummy – part of Michelle Pearl Set

Crown: Glam Affair – Princess Tiara – Platinum


Outfit (L): Jelly – Cozy (includes bra, panties and belted jacket) (with Phat Azz appliers) (Going Bust)

Lingerie (R): Peachblossom – Temptation – Black (with Phat Azz appliers) (Going Bust)

Wings: Schadenfreude – Mannequiel Wings

Tattoo: Sourires Tattoos – Jess Tattoo

Leg pouch: Death Row Designs – Legpouch – toys galore (Arcade Gacha)

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