ms claws.


Behind every jolly man is a smokin’ hot woman giving him good reason for the permagrin on his face. Know what else can put a permagrin on your face? The crazy deals available for Going Bust is what! Sassy and Gatherings Designs will have your jingle bells lookin’ their best.

Zee ❤


Hair: Catwa – Mesh Bella V3 Hair – 3

Makeup: Pink Acid – Long Diva Alpha Top Eyelashes

Makeup: Pink Acid – Exotic Ethnic Lips Intense – Burnt Cherry

Hat: Remarkable Oblivion – All I Want (L) & Auld Lang Syne (R) (Arcade Gacha)


Dress (L): Sassy – Contour dress w appliers – Plum (with Phat Azz appliers) (Going Bust)

Dress (R): Gatherings Designers – Wrap Pencil Dress – Red Candy Cane v2 (with Phat Azz appliers) (Going Bust)

Choker: Pink Acid – Rebel Spiked Bows – Silver & Bronze (Jewelry & Accessory Expo)

Gloves: Geek – Monster Gloves – White Pak (Suicide Dollz)

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