sorry I’m not home again


There’s absolutely nothing deceiving about the sexy webs Sassy‘s been a-weavin’! Check out her delicate Webbed outfit that is currently out as a Haunted Bewbapalooza exclusive. Just the thing for all you maneaters out there looking to trap your next meal 😉

Noodles seems to be channeling the same dark spirits with her newest Widow necklace and ring pieces. It’s a perfect match!

Zee ❤


Hair: Chemistry Hair – Tamora

Tiara: Noodles – Web Crown Hematite/Silver

Makeup: Pink Acid – My Everyday Prim Alpha Makeup – My Natural Alpha Top Eyelashes (Body Modification Expo)

Makeup: Pink Acid – Sad Gothic Eye Makeup (Body Modification Expo)

Makeup: Pink Acid – Gothic Lip Gloss Thick – Blood (Body Modification Expo)


Outfit: Sassy! – Webbed – Black (with Phat Azz appliers) (Haunted Bewbapalooza)

Necklace: Noodles – Widow Necklace

Bracelets: Maxi Gossamer – Bracelets and Earrings – Loa Happy Skulls (Collabor88)

Ring: Noodles – Widow ring

Mesh Ass: Luck inc – Phat Azz

Shoes: Gos Boutique – Isabella Sandals – Magic Collection (Collabor88)

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