tipping the scales


Anyone who’s logged on to SL in the past few days knows that SL has been very very naughty of late. And I don’t mean the good kinda kinda naughty; I mean the go-sit-in-your-room-and-think-about-what-you-did kinda naughty. Everything was grey, nothing was rezzing, and saving pics was a nightmare, which threw a wrench into my blog posts!

But things seemed to have been ironed out (for the time being), so I am back to blogging about all that good kind of naughty once more! Silicone is a new bi-weekly implant apparel event, and it looks like there’s something for everyone there! I’m featuring here QE‘s item for this very first round: a beautifully textured mesh dress with little diamond accents on the bust, with matching heels!

Zee ❤


Hair: Sugarsmack – Kelsey – Pink Berri

Makeup: Pink Acid – Luxury Lip Gloss – Barbie

Earrings: Vexiin – Diamond Stud Earrings – Silver

Tiara: Noodles – Purest Snow Tiara Silver/Ruby (past Arcade Gacha item)


Dress and Shoes: QE – Crista Dress – Grape (Silicone)

Snake: deviousMind – “Kaa” – Leopard Snake

Necklace and Ring: Maxi Gossamer – Positano Night Jewel

Cuffs: NYU – Cotton Cuffs – Grey

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