pinch me, i’m bustin’


Yes, it’s true, thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, I am actually pinching my own butt in this pic, ha ha! You’ll be needing to pinch yourself too when you get a look at all of the amazing steals out now as part of Going Bust! Yours truly has a whole set of new sexZ plaid crop tops out for the event at a special price; just the thing for that back-to-school look you’ve been looking for. Meanwhile, Pink Sugah‘s very revealing Going Bust top will have all of the schoolyard focused on anything but their homework 😉

Zee ❤


Hair: Ploom – Sara – Dipped

Makeup: Pink Acid – Sticky Bun Lips V2 & Teeth – Bubble Gum (SL Fashion Week)


Top (L): sexZ – CropTop / Berry Plaid (Going Bust)

Top (R): Pink Sugah – Favourite Game – candy stripes (Going Bust)

Bracelet (L): Noodles – Nata & Meg Collection: Anchor Silver

Bracelet (R): Retro’ – rock bracelet white

Nails: Quintessencia – Nail 20 Model Square I

Pants: Villena – tucked up jeans military – khaki

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