dawn of the jubblies


Eeeewwww Wednesdays. Tell me, who isn’t shuffling around like a mindless automaton on hump day (a very misleading moniker for mid-week, imho)? Well, Love Zombie has an exclusive out at Lubbly Jubblies that’ll perk up all you working stiffs out there: this lovely long-sleeved top with the lace bodice!

Perfect Wardrobe also has a number of great items out right now, including these jeans and sneakers which are part of an entire outfit on offer by Alterego.

Zee ❤


Hair: Truth Hair – Gattina – variety – LightBlondes03Fade

Makeup: Utopiah – Stay Beautiful Makeup (Perfect Wardrobe)


Top: Love Zombie – Lace Top – Purple (Lubbly Jubblies)

Pants and Sneakers: Alterego – part of Thugdom (which includes mesh tank top, face mask and cap, not featured here) (Perfect Wardrobe)

Piercing: Puncture – Dermal Spike Implants – Collarbone

Tattoo (Upper): Utopiah – Nothing Else Tattoo (Tango applier sold separate) (Perfect Wardrobe)

Tattoo (Lower): Tenjin – If You Can See It You Can Eat It Tattoo

Bracelet: je suis – africain – dark zebra bracelets (Perfect Wardrobe)

Nails and Rings: I ❤ Fashion – Crackle Nails Pink (Fi*Fridays)

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