i see you.

All Hallows Eve will soon be upon us. If you have any serious medical issues, you might want to get those checked out before fright night arrives. Never fear, our lovely Dr. Claven and Nurse Zee are here to soothe whatever ails you. But if you think surgery would be a terrifying experience, wait until you get our bill! Mwwwaaa ha haa haaaa!

Elle & Zee ❤

Zee (left)


Makeup: -UtopiaH- Burlesque Makeup (without lace mask)

Eyelashes: MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – Black

Hair: ::Exile:: Break Away: One Voice Pack – Moonlight

Piercing: [Mad Echo] – Abbey Piercing (modded)

Earrings: (Yummy) Michelle Pearl Set – Earrings

Hat: part of +pe+ Naughty Nurse – Bloody (modded) (The Boobies Show)

Tattoo: REPULSE – Gashed Eyelids II Face Tattoo (both)

Eyes: Chus! Etheral Halloween Gift


Nurse’s Uniform: ::MCB:: The Kinky Doctor (including panties, garters and stockings)

Bra: *L.inc* Temptress Bra Black with applier

Boobs: Lolas Pushups

Claws: [ni.Ju] Claws

Necklace: (Yummy) Michelle Pearl Set – Pearls (x2)

Chest wound: Little Pieces – Gaping Hole

Guts: Falln – GoreStomachGuts (modded)

Knife: Filthy Things – Bloody Knife (old Dead & Loving It hunt item)

Blood Stains (tattoo): -UtopiaH- The BloodShed Tattoo

Veins (Tattoo): -UtopiaH- Infected Veins Tattoo (full)

Shoes: dl:: Meat Pumps

Elle (right)


Hair: [e] Horizon Rainbow Colours

Eyes: REPULSE  Post Mortem Eyes

Eyelashes: NCparis Eyelashes – Mascara 3D

Smile: Corvus : Smile Now Tattoo


Outfit: { I.F. } Boob Job Doc Costume

Boobs: Lolas Pushups

Blood: REPULSE – Bloodbath Full Body Tattoo

Shoes: N-core Coquette Platform Turquoise

Ring: EarthStones Destiny Bridal Set Platinum

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