milky way.

I am sooooo going to get hit on by Captain Kirk with this “retro-futuristic” look, mhm! Well, him and the rest of the crew… And before some trekkie or Star Wars fan starts sending me those emails: Yes, I am entirely aware that I am using a Star Wars font yet making a Star Trek reference in my post; it’s all just 70s space movies to me.

*Milk* does wonders with the bustline of this dress, giving the girls that yummy anti-gravity look, not to mention how bubbly and curvy your avi will look thanks to its bold blocks of colour and structured lines. The arm armor I’m wearing is actually part of a full outfit by a perhaps little-known shop called : Tiny Things : which, ironically enough, makes its costumes for prim-tittied avis. It’s worth having a look there if you’re currently on the hunt for that perfect Hallowe’en costume!

“May the thrust be with you” and “Live long and hump her”!

Zee ❤


Makeup: {D.A} Promiscuous Make-up Bonbon (w Pout)

Hair: *BC322 Rainbow cotton Pink2

Piercing: [Mad Echo] – Abbey Piercing (modded)


Dress: *Milk* My Bebeh Dress Pink with applier

Boobs: Lolas Pushups

Body armor and weapon: part of :…: Tiny Things :…: – RoboGirl Reloaded

Collar: -Glam Affair- Rea Necklace in Soft Petal w/Silver Studs

Back vents: DLS – Digital Deamon – Back TriVent Female V1.5

Boots: TEN”10 Megas boots white

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