oui, j’adore!

Elle is a whirling dervish that just never stops surprising everyone around her. Her latest project? Her and her hubby Lasga are launching a new clothing brand, and they’re calling it [J’adore]. And indeed we do! We decided to headline the Elle Knit Dress. It comes in four different colours, and we’re showing you the nummy turquoise and pink versions. This has snuggles and cuddles written all over it! The perfect thing as the days get cooler.

Zee and Elle ❤

Elle (left)


Hair: =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Mercy” Blondes

Hairbase: /Wasabi Pills/ Rye Hairbase Long

Eyes: <<<np>>> Lunar Eclipse Large

Eyelashes: NCParis Eyelashes Mascara 3D

Make-up: Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-up

Neck Tattoo:– DAMNED – Neck Tattoo “Je t’aime”


Dress: [J’adore] Elle Knit Dress Turquoise (Store under construction)

Leggings: Waffle! Wildside Leggings [white]

Shoes: *HolliPocket* Bowie Pumps – Aqua

Nails: Mstyle Perfect Hand – Longest Nails

Ring: Earthstones Destiny Bridal Set Platinum

Zee (right)


Makeup: [mock] EShadow Purple Winterberry 1 [eyeshadow only]

Makeup: [sauce] brave new girl; u drive me crazy – bubblegum

Lashes: [sauce] ka-pow! ; lashes

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Gloria Mesh Hair – Blonds Pack – Rye

Earrings: : Amorous : Dangle

Piercing: [Mad Echo] – Abbey Piercing (modded)


Dress: [J’adore] Elle Knit Dress Pink (Store under construction)

Boobs: Lolas Pushups

Nails: .::Le FORME::. French Nails (Group gift)

Ring (L): Shakeup! Vintage Ring [13]

Shoes: – CHANDELLE – Shoe Barbie nude – Exclusive Fashion Voodoo

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