happy days.

“Let me tell ya, it’s a lot of fun in La-La land!” – Fonzi, Happy Days

“Boobies!!!” – Faun Zee

And really, the Fonz and I were both talking about the same thing 🙂

I was scampering through the fields, letting it all hang out and having a little drinky-poo, when I started to feel a little woozy and decided to have sit in order to regain my bearings. And it is at that moment that I snapped this pic of little faun Zee, looking off into the distance, her skin warmed by the rays of the sun (and the occasional sip of happy juice).

*HolliPocket* is dead-on with the very delicate detailing of this lacy bodysuit. This outfit does come with prim breast appliers, but I opted to set the girls free today. *Epic* does a fab job on all of their fantasy creature stuff, and the faun legs, tail and horns here is no exception.

Zee ❤


Makeup: .::Mother Goose’s::. glitter Eye make up1

Makeup: [sauce] brave new girl lipsticks fatty pack; u drive me crazy – bubblegum (The Black Market)

Tattoo: :[P]:-Soul Ink-Lothlorien

Eyelashes: MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick – Black

Tiara: dl:: part of the The Winter Queen outfit (crown)

Hair: Magika [03] Tendency

Piercing: [Mad Echo] – Abbey Piercing (modded)

Horns: *Epic* Fantasy Faun Horns {Mythic Silver} [Plain]


Bodysuit: *HolliPocket* Lace Up Onesy-Top-Canary (Perfect Wardrobe)

Boobs – Lolas Pushups

Nipples: BINA “Real Nipples”

Tattoo: (flaunt) Kawaii Kitty Sleeves Tattoo (Color – Faded)

Necklace: Tree House Treasures – Lip Smackin Necklace

Bracelets (R): Izzie’s – 80’s Rainbow Bangles mesh (Vintage Fair 2012 gift)

Bracelet (L): Retro’ – donut bracelet with strawberry (Stuff In Stock gift)

Ring (L): :CP: Macaron Ring – Pink (The Arcade Gacha)

Ring (R): -UtopiaH- Burlesque Skull Hand Set – Skull Ring Wo/Feathers

Nails: [*RD*] *Nailed-Bouquet Set* – Nails Only

Hooves: : *Epic* Basic Faun Legs {Snow}

Tail: *Epic* Fantasy Faun Twitchy Tail {Snow}

Wings: :[P]:– Naira Wings:// Fairytale Pink (FOTA hunt item)

Flask: The Sea Hole – Animated Fashion 5th – Oh Folly (The Arcade Gacha)

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