Lazy Days.

Hai Lovers,

Don’t you ever have a day when you’ve got your work-out gear on and you sit down just thinking to yourself, I really can’t be arsed with this shit today! LOL! Luckily for Elle she has the SL gene that means she doesn’t get fat unless I want her too, someone needs to figure out the drug these avs are on that makes em this hawt and produce it IRL 😛

I’m absolutely in love with these new mesh Sports Pants from *HolliPocket* they just fit so nicely and each pair comes with super cute panties to match! Also from *HolliPocket*, I’m wearing the new mesh Bowie Pumps in Candy Hearts, they’re quite easy to match to your skin && I lovee them, super high & sweet = WIN! ❤

As always the makeup from Pink Acid is flawless & makes your avi look super duper hots! Ty Stasey we love you ❤

Today I found out about ~LSD~ Tattoos, and I’m sporting their Tramp stamp & Belly Tattoo, now for us naughty girls these tats are perfect! The one I’m wearing has ‘Insert Here‘ on the belly and ‘Bitch‘ on the back, there are so many naughty, naughty options to choose from!

Last but not least, I’m wearing *Milk*‘s Hello Titty Tee, HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THIS?! /endexcitement…Kattington’s designs are simply perfect & her ideas are bootyful! I luff ❤

Anyways, time for me to toddle off and work out. (Is not amused -_-)

Have a great day everyone,

Elle ❤


Hair: [e] Horizon – Rainbow Colours

Eyes: *JeSyLiLO* Katy Eyes – Autumn Green (*JeSYyLiLO* Find My Pumpkins Hunt)

Eyelashes: NCparis Eyelashes – Mascara 3D

Makeup: Pink Acid Dolly Lip Smack Lipstick – Rose Pop Pink

Makeup: Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush – Pink/Magenta

Earrings: *BOOM* G Hoop Earrings


Top: *Milk* My Hello Titty Tee – Pink

Pants: *HolliPocket* Sport Pants – Zebra (Mesh)

Boobs: Lolas Pushups

Tattoo: ~LSD~ Tramp Stamp & Belly Tattoo (Insert Here/Bitch)

Shoes: *HolliPocket* Bowie Pumps – Candy Hearts (Mesh)

Nails: [MANDALA] Nail Palette1 Super Long

Ring (L): Earthstones Destiny Bridal Set – Platinum

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