Elle Times Three

Hai Guys,

Today I’m showing you more of me, as most of you know I’m an SL mother, now that’s not a very hard job for me as my kiddo is amazing! The wife, obviously, to the most amazing man in the entire worlddd ❤ I love hims so muchies and I thank fuck every day he’s with me in both worlds. And the pornstar…well…>.> Check our other blog out for that one LOL 😛

So this postie is all thanks to Emmikins aka [QE] Bustalicious! Now, as you can see Emmi makes gorgeous clothes, and she’s also creating for The Black Market event!

The Black Market kicks off on the 15th of each month with new stuffies every round. Exclusive items are 100 linden and all designers have the option of offering 3 of their regular store items at 40 linden ea. as well so there will be plenty of great buys. Be sure to stop in and grab some awesome goodies \o/

Well worth a trip down to The Black Market & to Emmi’s store!

Check our Flickr out for the full sized Elle Times Three pics ❤

Ty Emmi love we lovess yew ❤ ❤

Elle ❤

On All

Hairbase: /Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase Rye

Eyes: <<<np>>> Lunar Eyes – Water Large

Eyelashes: NCparis Eyelashes – Mascara 3D

Boobs: Lolas Pushups

Ring (L): Earthstones Destiny Bridal Set – Platinum

Nails: [MANDALA] Nail Palette1 Super Long

The Mother (Left)

Hair: [e] Horizon – Rainbow Colours

Outfit: [QE] Bustalicious Liza Top & Booty Skirt (TBM Exclusive)

Bag: elly:: canvas.tote graphic.3

Shoes: N-core Coquette Cream

Bangles (L): pr!tty – Summer Colorful Bangles (Gift)

Bangles (R): Apple May Designs – Fashionista Bangles – Black

Watch: (LF) Classic Mesh Watch Cooper Violet (fi* Fridays)

Belly Piercing: Burroughs Premium – Bianca Belly Piercing

Prop: Agora – Grocery Bag (Could only find on MP)

The Wife (Center)

Hair: [e] Daffodil – Bright Blondes

Outfit: [QE] Bustalicious – Fairytale Fantasy Lingerie – Cinderella (Hunt Gift)

Nipples: [twee.] – Aphrodisia – Swirl (Could only find on MP)

Shoes: N-core Coquette White

Necklace: [MANDALA] Milky Way2 Necklace Polly White

Earrings: [MANDALA] Milky Way2 Earrings Polly White

Belly Piercing: Earthstones Belly Crystal – Quartz Crystal

The Pornstar (Right)

Hair: [e] Studio – Bright Blondes

Top: [QE] Bustalicious Zipped Corset Coal

Nipples: [twee.] – Aphrodisia – Swirl (Could only find on MP)

Panties: *L.inc* Tugged Panties Black

Bag: MF Dirty Whore Leather Handbag

Glasses: MF Sloppy Slut Glasses (plastic) with Face Cum

Makeup: Pink Acid Matte Pastry Lips (Intense) Bright Hot Pink Small

Necklace: Zaara : Kaya Onyx Necklace *Silver*

Shoes: N-core Coquette Platform “Wild Edition” (Group Gift)

Cum: MF Sloppy Slut Juice (Thick)

Bangles: [MANDALA] Takara Bangles Black Fur/Leather

Ring (R): Zaara : Kashiti Bobble Ring *Onyx*

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